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Sara Granite Marble Travertine Co.Ltd. was established in 1998 in Bucak - Burdur and started operating its new Beige Marble quarry 'SARAMAR' in 2011.

It is the first range of action of the company. Besides the Beige Marble quarry the company owns a Travertine and a Diabaz quarry which locates between Çamlık and Bucak districts in Burdur.

The company is able to supply blocks and all kinds of finished products from its own material 'Crema Sara' and 'Taurus Mystic'

Saramar Quarry

Saramar Quarry is situated near Bucak (Burdur-Turkey). With a large estimated reserve, it is one of the best light colored beige marble quarries in Turkey.

The blocks are classified depending of their size and tonnage, making it much easier for our clients to inspect and choose the required material..

Due to the large reserves and the consistency in color of the beige marble, we are able to supply for any size of project.

Our sales department team will be pleased to help and advise you, recommending the different uses of the marble depending on your requirements.


New Bailuan / Crema Sara

Our new beige marble ‘Crema Sara’ is famous for its color, beauty and hardness.

The material is beautiful with its natural design and texture, exuding a luxuriousness and regal quality of color.

We are able to supply blocks and all kinds of finished products from our material.


Saramar exhibited in Marble 2013 Fair in Izmir, on March 27-30, 2013.

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